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Why choose
Boateng Quality Care?



It's in the name.

We specialize in providing quality service and not just 'a good job'. That is why we prefer offering flat rate over hourly rates so we can take the time needed to give you the service you deserve, without having to worry about your wallet.

However we still offer hourly rate if you prefer.


Yes we are a company but you will never have to worry about paying 'company prices'.

This is why we offer free Cleaning Consultations, so we are able to assess your individual cleaning needs and find out what works for you. 

We are fair and our first concern is to provide you with quality service, not to make a buck.

Consistent & Reliable

Because we take so much pride and presidency in the quality we provide each and every customer, consistency of that same quality with every clean comes hand in hand. Because of this very same presidency and consistency become reliable as well, providing our own products and equipment. Being sure to be at every appointment on time and out in a timely manner.

You are our #1 priority.

Health & Safety

We have taken extra steps to protect your home, your items and your health. Click here to see what we've done to protect your home and items and Click here to see what we are consistently doing to protect you the best way we can during covid-19

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